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Coconnut Oil Contains

Chemically, coconut oil is a mixture of triglycerides (compounds made of glycerol and fatty acids) with carbon chains of 8 to 18 atoms. Over ninety percent of the fatty acids in coconut oil are saturated, which means that they cannot oxidize and become rancid. Approximately 60% of coconut oil consists of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) with fatty acids of 6 to 12 carbon atoms. The only unsaturated fatty acids in coconut oil are oleic acid and linoleic acid which comprise only 8 percent of the total fatty acids. The typical fatty acid composition of coconut oil is given in the following table.

Coconnut Oil Contains

Caprylic Acid (C8:0) 8%
Capric Acid (C10:0) 6%
Lauric Acid (C12:0) 47%
Myristic Acid (C14:0) 18%
Palmitic Acid (C16:0) 9%
Stearic Acid (C18:0) 3%
Oleic Acid (C18:1) 6%
Linoleic Acid (C18:2) 2%
  • Wound Healing

    Staph infections are types of germs commonly found on skin, but once these bacteria reach the wound it could cause infection. To prevent further staph infection of wounds, Virgin coconut oil can be used.

  • Skin Benefits

    When coconut oil is applied, it also helps to fight bacteria and other skin problems including acne, dermatitis, rashes, psoriasis, wrinkles and eczema. Rub coconut oil on the skin to reduce the symptoms and soothe the inflammation, if you have an area of skin that is irritated.

  • Healthy Hair

    One way it helps is by reducing protein loss during washing and meanwhile strengthening the hair strands. Try applying a little bit of Virgin coconut oil on your hair to massage on the scalp for silky hair or to brush out tangles.

  • Stretch Mark Prevention

    Virgin Coconut Oil can help prevent stretch marks of the body especially during women's pregnancy period. Further, it also helps to improve the thyroid functioning

Top 10 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

  • Coconut Oil Contains Fatty Acids With Potent Medicinal Properties
  • Populations That Eat a Lot of Coconut Oil Are Healthy
  • Coconut Oil Can Increase Fat Burning
  • Coconut Oil Can Kill Harmful Microorganisms
  • Coconut Oil Can Reduce Your Hunger, Helping You Eat Less

  • The Fatty Acids in Coconuts May Reduce Seizures
  • Coconut Oil Can Raise The Good HDL Cholesterol
  • Coconut Oil Can Protect Your Skin, Hair and Dental Health
  • The Fatty Acids in Coconut Oil Can Boost Brain Function in Alzheimer's Patients
  • Coconut Oil Can Help You Lose Fat, Especially The Harmful Abdominal Fat

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What are the helth benifits of S&N ORGANIC is organic coconut products?


Research shows that coconut oil contains a medium-chain fatty acids accelerate that stimulates metabolism, gives you more energy.

Get candida in check

Coconut oil has a good quantity of caprylic acid in it which is well known to kill off excess candida by targeting harmful bacteria..

Lowers cholesterol

It is rich in lauric acid which protects your heart by reducing total cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol.

In addition to its anti-bacterial properties, lauric acid also contributes in lowering the risk of heart diseases by reducing and stabilizing triglycerides and cholesterol levels.

Helps with weight loss

Here is an interesting fact about coconut oil; even though it is a fat, it actually helps with weight loss! Read more here: Weight Loss With Coconut Oil. The healthy medium chain fatty acids do not circulate in the bloodstream like other fats; they are sent directly to the liver and are converted into energy. Thus the body does not store the fat in coconut oil as fat; it uses it to produce energy instead.

Relieve Arthritis Symptoms

Joint inflammation is also linked with free radicals. Coconut milk contains selenium, a component that works as antioxidant that cleanses the body from free radicals and relieves joint inflammation.

Improves Heart Health

by providing healthy short chain and medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) that are essential to good hcoconut budealth. Close to 98% of all fatty acids consumed are composed of long-chain fatty acids (LCFA), which are very different from MCFA that have no negative effect on cholesterol ratios and help to lower the risk of atherosclerosis and protect against heart disease. Studies have shown that populations in Polynesia and Sri Lanka, where coconuts are a dietary staple, do not suffer from high serum cholesterol or heart disease. Unlike other fats, the unique properties of coconut also contain a large amount of lauric acid, which is the predominant fatty acid found in mother's milk


Few Benifits using Vergin Coconut Oil.